Introducing Frunk Bench, a foldable seat cushion for your Cybertruck front trunk

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Opening and closing Cybertruck frunk with Frunk Bench
Mike unfolding Frunk Bench

Frunk Bench is an automotive grade seat for your Cybertruck Frunk with two large cupholders. When folded, the underside becomes a hardshell case with a handle for easy carrying. You can even use it outside your Cybertruck frunk without worrying about damaging the cushion. For those who just want to leave their seat in the frunk all the time, we're also making Frunk Bench Lite, which is the same comfortable seat and cup holders but without the plastic case and handles.

We want to bring this to market

Launching a product is a big endeavor, and manufacturing is EXPENSIVE for a small business, especially when your goal is for as much as possible to be made in the US!

If you'd like to discuss this product and how we can bring it to market, email us at

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Who are we and what's next?

Cyber Owners is made up of Mike and Hashim, two friends and long time Cybertruck fans and Tesla owners who decided to turn ideas into reality. If you have followed me (Mike, TeslaTruckClub on X), I have spent my life coming up with ideas, but then I just photoshop them or draw them and share them for the world to see. Starting with Frunk Bench, we are going to be turning ideas into real usable products.

We are currently looking at options to bring this product to market. Email us if you want to discuss.

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